Saturday, September 25, 2010

...And did you know that RICHARD NIXON played the piano?

Let us set aside all political opinions and rake "Richard Nixon, pianist" over the coals instead.

Here, performing (presumably on "The Tonight Show" with Jack Paar) is pianist Richard Nixon - from 1963, before he became President, performing an original composition - let us call it "I Know the G Major Arpeggio" - Paar took the trouble to have an orchestral accompaniment added to this lovely number.  (G Major is a great key for string players, by the way.)

This will never be a political blog (follow me on Twitter for that - robertsonrick) - but there is a famous old one-liner that Nixon said about pianists - and it's here.

Now, there's gotta be a clip of Harry Truman out there somewhere - I recall reading that his favorite Chopin waltz was op. 42 in A flat...

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